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We’re Getting Our Plans In Line

Summers around Chez Entropez Gros can be a bit challenging. We have two kids who spend some (one a lot, one not) with their respective Other Parents. We have one who will be going off to camp for three weeks AND starting to drive. The youngest one will be at home for most of the [...]

Does It Say Something About Me?

About 5:00 AM I left the house and drove over the bridge to the train. The river is very high right now, and there were high clouds in the east, white and pink over a layer of low cloud that filled the upper end of the valley. It was gorgeous, and like I do every [...]


My little brother would have been 48 today. I had a much harder time with his death than I let on. Harder than I realized, too, until now, looking back. It didn’t drive me into depression or the depths of drink or anything, but at the funeral service I couldn’t speak – virtually all memory [...]


This was shot last week. Colours tweaked to try to imitate nature more closely.

Antiphrasis and Litotes Are Fun

I commented the other day on this here blog about cow orkers whose second language is English. Although to be honest, for many of them it is a third or maybe a fourth. Five of the seven cubes immediately around me are occupied by people from Eastern Europe. For such people, the subtleties of the English [...]

And Just Like That

I feel good this morning. The sun was out for the train ride in and took my leisurely time walking up to work. I took photos with my little pocket camera as I walked. I will possibly post some of those later. I feel good this morning. My allergies aren’t too bad, and the sun [...]

And Once Again I Am Posting No Pix

Another busy weekend around Chez Entropez. Friday I had to work from home1 so that I could deliver HouseApe 1.0 to a weekend cadet exercise at 2:00 PM. Those of us who remained got up earlyish on Saturday morning and collected HouseApe 2.0′s friend K, after which we collected coffee, put air in a suddenly [...]

And thus…

I just realized that I am the only software developer I know who regularly uses and thus in email. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I was alerted to it by a co-worker who asked me what it meant. English being his second language, he is familiar with basic forms, [...]

No Pictures Yet

It was a hella busy weekend around Chez Entropez. Friday night HouseApe 1.0 and I were embroiled in preparations for her cadet squadron’s Annual Ceremonial Review, which we used to call Annual Inspection. This involves an actual inspection of everything (records, books, offices, everything) by officials from the Air Cadet League of Canada, and a [...]