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Guerilla Database Support

One of the jobs I had in the middle-recent past involved a fair amount of time supporting IBM DB2. This was also a job where the database design and code were horrifying, of the omigod I can’t believe that none of the clients are suing us level of horror. Adding (yet another) index that dropped the [...]
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So True, So True

If Comedy is born of Pain, and Pain is born of Truth, then this post by the enigmatic Phil Factor should have you laughing through your tears. Figuratively speaking, of course. There’s no crying in software development. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to click through without a taste of what is being [...]
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Code Formatting In 4/4 Time

I like to listen to blues on internet radio while I work. I also format my code as I go. I use a lot of whitespace- I generally find that I save time overall by always using clearly formatted code. It is much easier to read, and to see the structure of the query. I realized this [...]
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