Dean Yells At People

We had a mini-change go in. It was small, a change to an interface to a third party application. I had an email in hand detailing my part in it, which was to produce a list of old users to new users.

The external application had been notified, and email had gone out to the users. We would go down at 8:00 AM, and be back up in 20 minutes.

Note that this is a change to an interface to an external application that processes actual money for people.

6:45 – I review the project plan, retrieve the query I will use, check the query plan, make sure all is good. I am ready to go.
7:56 – the project manager makes his appearance and boots his laptop.
7:59 – the web dev manager appears.
8:01 – project manager calls out ‘are you guys ready to rock?’
8:04 – the web dev manager informs us that we are waiting for another developer.
8:05 – after some discussion in which someone says that there is some other database code to go in, I blow my stack, because as usual nobody has said anything to me or any other member of the database team. I hate surprises.
8:07 – PM phones the other developer, who apparently we need. He is on the train, and will be about 20 minutes.
8:10 – I calm down a bit, and search the code. I find some changes I made about 3 weeks ago (apparently I am supposed to keep all of these things in my head) and cue them up in my text editor, presuming that these are the necessary changes.
8:28 – I am asked to run the mapping query I had originally been asked for. I run it and supply the results to those who need them.
8:35 – the developer we are waiting for shows up and confirms that yes, we are putting in the code changes I located.
8:36 – I apply the code changes to the production database.
8:37 – I go back to other work, half expecting issues to surface at some point.
8:41 – the interface is back up.

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